Certified Service Center

What is a Certified Service Center?
Approved Certified Service Centers clearly carry the mark of excellence by voluntarily matching their company against the strict national standards that have successfully served to identify quality service companies for over thirteen years. These companies have proven that they have what it takes to be listed among the very best service centers in the country. They enjoy preferred status among manufacturers and customers alike.
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Why should I choose a Certified Service Center?
Each approved Certified Service Center exhibits specific business practices and standards that are designed to help promote a continuous strong emphasis on quality service and customer satisfaction for each and every customer. An approved CSC has undergone an extensive review of their service management and customer service personnel, their internal policies, their specific dress code, their adherence to all federal and local regulations, their emphasis on carrying the proper insurance, their adherence to an independent technician certification program that measures their technical staff against a national testing standard to assure that you the customer experience the best quality of service on your products that is available today. Look for the CSC sign of excellence.
What are the benefits from doing business with a Certified Service Center?

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