Wireless Bluetooth Accessories


Wherever your people work, they rely on clear, continuous communication. Motorola offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless Bluetooth accessories, each specifically designed to either support the police officer on the beat or the maintenance worker quickly making repairs at a 5-star hotel..

The Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth accessories are specifically designed for first responders, providing a truly secure link, easy pairing on the go, and instant push-to-talk.

Operations Critical Wireless accessories are flexible, cost-effective Bluetooth solutions that give workers more mobility in their work day. Employees can move without wires, converse discreetly and even take their radio off their belt whenever the job requires it.

This entire portfolio of Bluetooth accessories have been made to work seamlessly with the Motorola two-way radios they support.

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 45" Cable
Model: NNTN8295A
This wireless earbud has a simple, discreet design for business users wearing professional attire..
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