Carry Accessories


Motorola Original cases make sure the audio of your two-way radio comes through loud and clear.

Motorola carrying accessories for two-way radios are designed to provide comfort and convenience with a choice of belt clips, holsters, lanyards, radio holders, t-straps, waterproof bags and more.


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Replacement Strap for HLN6602 and RLN4570
Model: 1505596Z02
Replacement Strap for Motorola Original Series Universal Chest Pack (HLN6602) and Break-a-Way Che..
Leather Belt
Model: 4200865599
This 1.75-inch-wide leather belt, part of the Motorola Original accessory portfolio, accommo..
Radio Pack Extension Belt
Model: 4280384F89
Extension belt for the lightweight and comfortable Motorola Radio Pack. This belt extends for wai..
Universal Chest Pack
Model: HLN6602A
The Motorola Original Universal Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holdi..
Dust Cover for MTX Series Portable Radios
Model: HLN9820A
This is a dust cover for MTX Series portable radios. ..
Waterproof Bag
Model: HLN9985B
This waterproof bag fits any Motorola two-way radio and includes a convenient carrying strap. ..
Radio Handstrap
Model: JMZN4020A
This product is a Radio Handstrap that attaches to the radio allowing it to be worn around the wr..
Adjustable Black Nylon Carrying Strap
Model: NTN5243A
This adjustable, black nylon carrying strap, part of the Motorola Original® series, attaches..
Nylon Wrist Strap
Model: PMLN6074A
This nylon strap wraps conveniently around the wrist to allow you to easily carry your SL Series ..
Velcro Epaulet Strap
Model: RLN4294
This product is an Epaulet Strap, used to secure the Remote Speaker Microphone to a shirt or jack..
Epaulet Strap with Velcro
Model: RLN4294A
This black leather epaulet strap uses velcro to secure the remote speaker microphone to an epaule..
Universal Chest Pack
Model: RLN4570
This carry pack has all the features of the original Universal Chest Pack plus break-a-way t..
Break-A-Way Chest Pack
Model: RLN4570A
The Break-a-Way Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holding it during sta..
Universal Radio Pack Utility Case
Model: RLN4815A
The radio pack is lightweight and comfortable. Worn around the waist, it keeps radios and phones ..
Portable Radio Hanger
Model: TDN9327A
This portable radio hanger slides over and hangs from the vehicle door panel allowing convenient,..
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